Monday, January 16, 2012

Office Name Sign (cutesy)

I made this sign for "the office" to help personalize the cubicle as a birthday gift. I used my new Silhouette to cut it. I used Make the Cut except for the grass which is a Silhouette file. The cats are a dingbat font called Cats and Dogs.
I discovered something new on this project. One of the benefits of the Silhouette, I think, is that it can cut detail so much better. The problem with that is trying to glue those detailed things straight. GLAD Press 'n Seal is amazing at helping with this. I lined the words up on a lined base (paper, cutting mat or something similar) then placed a piece of the Press 'n Seal over the letters, pressing down and rubbing over each letter. Pay special attention to the dots of the "i"s. Flip the Press 'n Seal over, apply glue (I used Tombo Mono Multi Liquid Glue.) and then carefully flip back over and place on project. Give the glue some time to dry and then peal back the Press 'n Seal. This worked wonderfully! I had actually made marks at the center and a line under the words and then light marks on the base to line up with.

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