Monday, June 18, 2012


Here's another baby gift..This one is for baby Elias. The turtle is a freebie from SVGCuts . The firefly is from Doug's Bugs at Lettering Delights.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family Portrait

To celebrate a friend of ours, graduating with his Master's of Divinity, we wanted to do something special for his family. We put together this paper doll portrait of his family. I couldn't have done this without my daughter's help. She considers the girls "the sisters she never got" and thinks the world of them. She knows their likes, personalities and what makes them special. It was a fun project to do. (And according to the Mrs. in the picture, it was well received!)

The Mr. and Mrs.
 The Girls

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Fat Free "Cake"

Made this "cake" for my husband...he loves Diet Mtn Dew. Our family has several food issues. This cake covered something for everyone. The kids helped me set it up and light the candles right before he got home. It was a fun surprise when my honey arrived home from work, on his birthday.

To make sure I had enough cans, I drew circles in Photoshop and arranged them. Then I patiently watched sales to get the best deal on the pop. My daughter asked for a corner piece. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Elephant Baby Plaque

While waiting for an appointment with my OB when I was expecting, Disney's Dumbo was playing in the waiting room. It was the scene when Dumbo gets to see his mom while she's in "jail". As "Baby Mine" was playing, I was an absolute wreck. Crying my eyes out. I still tear up at that scene even without the extra emotional mess of not being pregnant! I found an adorable elephant set from My Scrap Chick, that reminds me of that moment in the movie. I just gave this plaque to a friend expecting her first little one.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Operation Card

My youngest brother just had an emergency appendectomy. He's doing well recovering, but I thought he could use some cheering up. The game of Operation came to mind...
and then as the cogs started turning, I could see this card quite clearly. Spent some time this morning putting it together. I used the Cricut cartridge, Paper Doll Dress Up, for most of it. I did squish the hair and boxers in Cricut Design Studio and added the appendix hole. I hand cut the tweezers and added a "spring" with a couple of fan folds. I used Glossy accents on the nose and then used a pop dot under it to raise it, hoping it would simulate the light. Inside I put "bzzzzzzzzz" since I remember, as a kid, leaping out of my skin when I'd hit the side during a "surgery."