Monday, November 19, 2012


My brother and his wife just adopted a new baby boy...

Some friends threw a "Puppy Shower" for them. Because I make a baby plaque for each shower I go to, this was no exception.

I chalked the spots and then used flocking on top of that for the texture.
I even found a Bible verse for a Saint Bernard :)
I also went and found the biggest dog dish I could and decorated it with vinyl. It wasn't a shower gift...actually it was a birthday present for my bro, but thought I could share it here.

Bunny Birthday Party

My daughter just began raising English Angora Rabbits. We have enjoyed seeing the personality and interaction the two have. If you'd like to follow the adventures of Ruphenfeffer and Agnes, check out our blog, Hare Raising Joy. ('s a brand new blog, so not much on it...yet.) For MJ's birthday, we stuck with a bunny theme.
Bunny Bum cake from Pinterest and the Betty Crocker Website

Extra cupcakes with "rabbit raisins"

The gluten free option of Bob's Red Mill Brownies, coconut and "rabbit raisins"
 This is one of the cards I made.
My Scrap Chick "Chubby Bunny"
 ...and another card. (It's supposed to be Ruphenfeffer :) ) I used eyelash yarn to line the edges in my attempt to make the bunny look like an angora. I also ran the ears and nose through the Xyron to apply adhesive then sprinkled them with black flocking.
My Scrap Chick "Spring Faces" 
Here's a sneak peak at the "real" bunny.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby Plaque to Match Carter's Jungle Jill Nursery

 A friend of mine is due to have her fourth baby--third girl--any day. She had chosen a more neutral theme for the first three. But since this is the last baby in her plan she figured she'd go all out with "girly." She found this bedding set from Carter's called Jungle Jill. Here is my attempt at coordinating with it.

 I went through several different thought processes and versions. This one below is one I chucked. Somehow it didn't capture the simplicity of the nursery set. Overall I'm very happy with the one I gave her. She seemed to appreciate it too.

Didn't keep this one...just wasn't right.