Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Upgraded Coffee Thermos

Last weekend was the neighborhood garage sale I look forward to every year. It usually has a pretty good participation of sellers and plenty of shoppers. A friend (who's expecting her first baby) went with me (as well as my four kiddos and an extra one to boot.) I really had to have some self restraint as I would see something and say, "Ooooh, I saw 'fill in the blank' on Pinterest, we could add some burlap, lace and a mason jar, a little spray paint and it would look so cool!" But alas, I resisted the chandelier, extra frames, interesting wood tables, etc.

But something I was looking for, was a 12 cup thermos, for entertaining. I stumbled across three at one garage sale. Again, I exercised a bit of self control and only bought one. My first thought was to  peal the "skin" from it and vinyl it up. But I could tell the more I looked at it, that underneath the wrapper there were some dents. So I decided to work with what was there and make it mine. I am not a coffee snob...I don't mind generic brands, won't pay the outrageous prices of the coffee shops that are all over the region, couldn't tell you the best coffee in town...and really only pay attention to the cream and sugar. So "Seattle's Best Coffee" would be a serious case of false advertising if I left it like that. My coffee isn't the best in any town :)

Using Make-the-Cut, vinyl and a free dingbat font from Clever Someday, I came up with this:
I'm just so tickled with how it came out!

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