Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pyrex Glass Etching

Last Summer, Cricut sent out an advertisement for one of their cartridges.  On it they had a picture of a Pyrex casserole dish that had been etched on the bottom.  I was thinking that looked like a bunch of fun so have been playing with it.

I found that: 1) Leave the etching cream on for about 25 minutes.  The tempered glass seems to need the extra time.  2)  Be very generous with the etching cream.  It really helps with the evenness of the etch.  3) Don't forget to cut the image out mirrored or it won't show through the right direction.  4)  Make the Cut really rocks for getting the circles for the pie plates!  I can't recommend it highly enough! and 4) The etching is on the underside of the pie plate...not where it'll touch food. (Thought I'd better add that :) )

Here's the pie plate I did for a special friend at church.  I've also made one for a wedding shower coming up.  That one is a 9x13 dish.  Should be great for pot lucks.  No more masking tape labels :)

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