Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Advent Calendar

A few years back a friend shared this project with me.  Taking a 24 cup mini muffin tin, prime it and paint it.  Line the insides of each muffin spot with Christmas paper.  A 1-1/4 inch circle punch was perfect for this.  Cut chipboard (from cereal boxes or the backs of paper pads) into squares to fit over the muffin spots.  Adhere cute Christmas paper to the chipboard and sand edges.  Glue magnet strips along two parrallel edges on the back of each chipboard square.  Decorate the squares and then fill with notes, verses, candy, gifts etc.

Here is ours.

On the first day, the slip of paper directs us to make a Stable.  We've done it out of graham crackers, Legos and I can't remember what else.  I made little Sculpey Nativity figures to "discover" through the month.  Baby Jesus is always the last day.  (By the way...the snake thing was my son's contribution.)  Every morning it's a rush to the advent calendar to see what Bible verse, challenge and possible figure there is for the day.

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  1. Too funny,I made the same type of advent calendar. Love the little nativity scene.
    ~Misty Samuelson