Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bubble Gum Pink

Bubblegum Machine Make Over
Another Pinterest inspired project...this time a gumball machine. I pinned this project last year sometime...and then was on the hunt for an old gumball machine at the garage sales last year to see if I could do something like it. During one of the last of the season sales, I found this!
Bubble Gum Machine Before
I took it all apart and cleaned it up.  (I worked on this as I was working on the chandelier...hopefully that explains some of the weird pieces.)
Tearing it all apart.
Then I spray painted the metal pieces. I chose not to paint the "works" of the machine because 1. I didn't refer back to the original pin to see that they had and 2.I wanted it to function and I was afraid the paint would jam the mechanism.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I worked...and worked...and worked on getting the Jelly Belly logo off the glass. THAT did NOT go well! I tried acetone, steel wool, turpentine, soaking it, scrubbing it, sanding it. I finally got most of the evidence off that the logo was ever there, but it left the glass scratched and foggy.
Final project.
I cut some coordinating vinyl to cover the scratched parts and labeled it treats. Had to take a couple of darts in the oval to get it to lay somewhat flat.
My sad attempt at the label.
Before and After
Gave this as a gift to my Sister in Law for her birthday. Thought it might be a good potty training tool filled with M&Ms for her toddler.

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