Thursday, April 21, 2011

Missing in Action

My computer died. It was a slow death, so I had time to milk some of the important information out of it, but after it was gone, I felt like my right arm had been cut off.  After much research and trying to breathe life back into it, we finally replaced it.  Now, after a week of reloading programs and documents, my new "arm" is back in action.  Whew!

During my computer fast, I had to resort to my former way of crafting.  I actually made things by hand, with rubber stamps, stickers, sponges and paper.  It felt a bit retro :) I use those things (except the stickers) on many of my projects anyway, but usually in conjunction with die cuts and computer clip art and Photoshop elements or Printshop.  I was also really at a loss without Make the Cut and surprisingly missing Cricut Design Studio. (I use it to visualize how big something will cut as well as making it possible to put several different scraps of paper on the mat and align the cuts.) The pictures below are some of the cards I made in desperation of doing something crafty.


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