Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Getting Ready for a Princess Party

Our church has an annual Mother's Day Brunch.  This year we called it a Royal Brunch for all Daughters of the KING.  (It was our way of getting to plan a Princess Party for adults and kids.) One of the details I was determined to get included was tiaras. I wanted one for everyone, but didn't have the budget to purchase them. After a co-planner's suggestion of making halos out of star garland, the idea for the tiara was born. A few twists later and this is what we had.
We used 30 inches of the garland.  The dollar store sold it in 25 foot lengths. With a twist to the middle and a couple of smaller ones on the sides of that one, we got the crown part.  Then we wrapped it around an oatmeal container and secured it by twisting it around itself.  Total cost 10 cents and 2 minutes.

It was amazing how perfect these came out.  The stars were like Velcro to keep them on heads. They were lightweight enough that one hardly notices they have it on. (Still waiting to hear who went out in public with theirs on. :) ) And they were very elegant and sparkly!  I was impressed that most of the 100+ women wore theirs too.

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